Harpole Parish Council was approached by Duston and Harlestone Parish Councils with a view to getting together and exchanging information concerning the current development issues especially in Norwood and Northampton West. To this end an initial meeting was arranged to see if this would be practical and desirable. It was felt that a combined approach would be beneficial to all three parishes. Whilst Duston does not have any development actually within it's boundary the Urban Extension developments will have impact on their infrastructure and roadways etc.
Details of the meetings are therefore available as downloads:

Tri Parish Minutes 17/12/2015
Tri Parish Minutes 03/02/2016 Draft

The letters challenging the Barwood application following Harpole Parish Council's decision to take legal advice, and the response from SNC are hereunder as .doc downloads.

Letter to SNC 18/12/2015
SNC reply
Letter to SNC 03/02/2016