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Questionnaire Delivery / Response Record [.doc]
Questionnaire Information letter to Street Champions [.doc]
Questionnaire Information letter to villagers [.doc]
Residents Questionnaire Response Spreadsheet [.xls]
Question Priorities [.doc]

Outline of the Process [.doc]
Consultation Strategy [.doc]
Alex Monroe, Maroon Planning, Housing [.doc]

Newsletter September 2016
Newsletter May 2016
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SNC Neighbourhood Planning Newsletter June 2012
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HAT Minutes 21/09/2016
Update for Parish Council August 2016
Meeting with SNC 02/08/2016
HAT Minutes 12/07/2016
Village Meeting 28/06/2016
Highways Meeting 23/06/2016
HAT Minutes 22/06/2016
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Harpole Action Team update reports to the Parish Council meetings concerning the progress of the Harpole Neighbourhood Plan have been included in the Parish Newsletter delivered to every home in Harpole since September 2012 to ensure that all residents are fully informed.

Harpole’s Neighbourhood Plan is being developed based around 4 topics. Consultation to get input and feedback will form a key part of each working groups development of the topic plans. Minutes when available from the meetings will be listed as '.doc' downloads unless otherwise specified.As there is some overlap between groups - ie 'look of the village' and 'natural assets' feedback comments on certain issues may be in any of the relevant groups.

Working Group 1: Village housing & maintain/enhance the look/character of the Village
Group 1 Minutes 25th June 2015
Open Day Feedback

Working Group 2: Economic Development, Businesses, Employment and Retail:
Group 2 Objectives
Group 2 Minutes 20th April 2015
Group 2 meeting 19th May 2015
Michael Orton Jones Ideas 18/05/15
Matt Smith Thoughts 18/05/15
Simon Drinkwater thoughts May 2015
DCB report for openday July 2015

Working Group 3: Natural Assets, Open Space and Countryside:
Group 3 Lorraine Boot
Objectives of Natural Assets Working Group
Group 3 Minutes 14th April 2015
Group 3 Minutes 29th April 2015
Group 3 Minutes 9th June 2015
Group 3 Minutes 16th June 2015
Wookle Draft June 2015
Allotment Draft June 2015
Country Park Draft June 2015
Allotment Proposals
Open Day feedback 1 (.pdf)
Open Day feedback 2 (.pdf)
Open Day feedback 3 (.pdf)
Open Day feedback 4 (.doc)
Open Day feedback 5 (.doc)

Working Group 4: Traffic and Highways including Transport:
Open Day feedback Analysis
Open Day Responses
Traffic and Transport Working Group meeting 20.04.15
Traffic and Transport Working Group meeting 18.05.15
Traffic and Transport Working Group meeting 21.09.15
Traffic Counts June 2015