SNC Saved Policies 2007 Revised 2014
National Planning policy Framework

Harpole CPRE Consultation Strategy Report
Housing needs survey
Housing Land Supply 2016
Highways Agency A45/M1 corridor
Harpole Village Design Statement
Harpole Area Designation Oct 2012
Harpole Planning Policy Assessment March 2016
Harpole Conservation Area Consultation map 2012
Harpole Conservation Area Report
Harpole Confines Map
CPRE Harpole Policy Review and Context Report March 2013
CPRE Harpole Evidence Base Report
MGWSP Report Northampton Corridor Review 17/02/12
Green Wedge Assessment Blaby
DTZ Housing Provision Review
Districtwide HNS report
Cabinet Report Settlements DPD
Adopted Interim Housing Policy
Adopted Road Freight Strategy
Northamptonshire Biodiversity Action Plan V1.4
Northamptonshire Climate Change Strategy
Northampton Landscape Sensitivity and Green Infrastructure
Open Space Strategy
Parish Data Harpole
River Nene Catchment Flood Management Plan
South Northants Sustainable Communities Strategy 2010/2015
SNC Housing All Appendices COMPRESSED
SNC CHAPTER 1 adopted local plan september 2007 chapters 112
SNC Local development scheme March 2016
SNC Local Plan inset maps 51 60
SNC Housing Land Supply Report 2016
SNC State of districtsc Housing2014
SNC Village Transport Appraisal
SNC FINAL Transport Strategy Cabinet 8 Nov 2010
SNC Cabinet Harpole NP Designation March 2013
South Northants Sports Facilities and Playing Pitch Strategy 2011
SNC Special Landscape Area Report (1994)
SNC Sustainable Communities Strategy
Upper Nene Special Protection Area
WN Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2009
West_Northants Strategic Housing Update 2011
WNJCS Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2013
West Northants Employment Land Study
WN Population and household forecasts
WNJCS Housing tech paper
WNJCS Village Services Questionnaire
WN Flood Risk Assessment
WNJCS Transport spatial portrait paper